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You have searched the web for a DUI lawyer due to a situation you didn’t expect. We understand the stress and angst surrounding your circumstances and we want to work with you to bring about an effective conclusion to your problem. Although no California DUI lawyer can guarantee your outcome, we are equipped to serve you with the expertise and professionalism you are seeking.

DUI charges are serious and the consequences can be catastrophic. These criminal charges can result in loss of driving privileges and possible incarceration, heavy fines, DUI school, community service, alcohol and drug counseling or even vehicle seizure and impound. Recent changes for DUI convictions that occurred after July 1, 2010, can also require the offenders to install an ignition interlock device on their automobile.

Alcohol levels for drivers are considered excessive and over the legal limit when they reach 0.08% blood alcohol content (BAC) or more for drivers of passenger vehicles, 0.04% BAC or more for commercial drivers and a much stricter limit of 0.01% BAC or more for under 21 drivers and drivers on probation for a previous DUI.

Upon your arrest for DUI, it is imperative that you don’t tell the law enforcement officer anything before contacting your attorney since you have the right to have your attorney present while being questioned. This can mean the difference between having the prosecution use whatever you have said against you during your trial and obtaining a successful outcome.

With a DUI arrest and conviction, you can face exorbitant fines and complete disruption of your daily routines. California law requires that if you are arrested for driving under the influence, your license will be suspended automatically if you don’t request a DMV administrative hearing within 10 days of your arrest and a notice of suspension and provisional driver’s license. The law also states that the legal penalties increase with each DUI conviction within a ten-year period.

Your DUI arrest creates two distinctly different cases against you. It not only affects your finances and freedom, but there is also the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to deal with. The prosecution of your DUI arrest in criminal court is based on two California Vehicle Code Sections, 23152 (a) and 23152 (b). One addresses your ability to drive with the same caution as a sober driver, and the second is based purely on your blood alcohol level. These are completely separate from your hearing with the DMV.

If you lose the hearing, your driver’s license will be suspended for a minimum of four months for the first offense. With each subsequent offense, the suspension time is even longer and if the driver refuses a chemical test of their blood or breath, the suspension period is even longer yet.
If your arrest is a result of a DUI checkpoint, because of the magnitude of legal challenges that have been brought about by the multitude of arrests, enforcement is now very tightly monitored. In fact, The Supreme Court of California ruled that the police had to closely follow the law or the DUI case can be thrown out. Only a well versed DUI lawyer can navigate through the stop and the conditions to challenge the outcomes if it is warranted.

With all the possible consequences you are facing, having peace of mind about who will represent you is of the utmost importance. In fact, the sooner you consult with a skilled attorney well versed in DUI defense, the quicker your circumstances can be assessed and your defense constructed.

Since time plays an important role in DUI cases, choose your California DUI lawyer as quickly as possible. Wisdom dictates that you find an attorney with extensive court experience in the court your case is pending, and one who has forged time tested relationships within the court system. The most important aspect of choosing a lawyer is to find one who can provide you with the best defense available.

After all, people can make mistakes, but these mistakes don’t have to define your future. No matter what the evidence is against you, the state has the responsibility to prove your guilt and your lawyer has the responsibility of vigorously protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom and driving privileges.
The relationship you establish with your attorney should include honest dialogue between you. Your choice of a DUI lawyer should be contingent upon whether the attorney will be truthful with you about what you are facing while making his expertise and experience available to you in the forms of advice, defense and encouragement. You want to hire a lawyer that continually attends DUI seminars to keep up with all of the latest Los Angeles criminal procedures and DUI laws.

We encourage you to select wisely and offer our proficiency, knowledge and specialized DUI defense skills to protect your future and rights.

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